Craft-Shed Customer Loyalty Programme

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Craft-Shed Loyalty Points

With our customer loyalty program you can earn points for every order placed on our website.

Simply create a customer account, or log in to your existing account, and you will earn points for every order placed on our site.

Earn five points for every 10 you spend. Collect 25 points to see redeemable cash discounts offered on a returning visit. Points are valid for twelve months after your qualifying purchase. After twelve months points are expired.

Examples of Loyalty Points awarded
Earn 5 Points for every 10 you spend
Spend 20 - earn 10 Points
Spend 30 - earn 15 Points
Spend 50 - earn 25 Points
Examples of redeemable discounts
5 Points = 0.50 discount
25 Points = 2.50 discount
50 Points = 5.00 discount
100 Points = 10.00 discount